Carrier Zero

Quarterfinalist, 2016 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest

Quarterfinalist, 2015 Page International Screenwriting Awards

Logline: an amnesiac private security contractor receives messages about parts of his past he has no memory of, and when he follows clues laid out for him discovers that his erased memories are the linchpin to a conspiracy to dominate global heroin production. 

". . . a terrific script . . . execution is top notch from beginning to end . . . a real nail-biter, with the twists always coming as a genuine surprise. The story as a whole is beautifully paced: the action sequences give way to more reflective moments . . . where the main characters engage in dialogue that feels considered, intelligent and revealing. The action scenes themselves are masterfully crafted, precise in their details, and kinetic, and would translate beautifully to the screen. The characters, finally, are solidly conceived and relatively well-developed, and the romance at the center of the story – between two people who have been in love in the past, but have no memory of it – is extremely appealing even as it never dominates the proceedings or becomes schmaltzy . . . an excellent script with lots of potential."

—The Black List


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